About the 97 Web Guy!

Peachland 97 Web guy

The 97 Web Guy is a one-man show run by Nick Walsh.  Nick retired to Peachland, BC in 2015 and had a 35 year career as a computer analyst, policy analyst, and Online Educational Consultant. 

The 97 Web Guy is able to afford the best prices in the market for new websites there is very little overhead after the purchase of necessary tools of the trade.

Our philosophy is simple. We never overstate the value and efficacy of having a website. A business website should cost you less than $500, and it should do everything that a good business needs it to do.  We provide the following basic services to get any new business up and running quickly:

  • We register your domain.
  • We install your website in consultation with your preferences.
  • We provide you up to five emails to use with your domain.
  • We offer webforms on your site so that you can collect client names, contacts, or leads.
  • We backup your website daily.
  • We have rapid response times for any required service.
  • We consult on Social Media Marketing.
  • We will post your graphics and videos to demonstrate the business.
  • We use Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic.
  • We use state of the art SEO tools to get your site known quickly.