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Pros and Cons of Keepit

Some years ago I had a piece of software for my Mac called “Together.”  After about a year, I got a notice from the company that they were changing it to become  “KeepIt.”  I upgraded right away.

While all of my other apps sync to the cloud is a few seconds to a minute, KeepIt take many hours, if not days to sync. 

Sadly, the one app that I like the look and feel of the most is the one that absolutely cannot sync properly to my icloud.  

I’m a note-keeping freak!  I have KeepIt, Ulysses, Bear, One Note, Simple Note, Yojimbo, Evernote, and Devonthink.

To be fair, the company owner, Steve, has tried to help, but nothing he’s given me has worked.  I’ve been corresponding with ReInvented Software for several months now.  At first I was angry and frustrated.  But now, I’m just determined. I am considering to hire a sofware engineer to reverse engineer the code to find the problem.  But first I’m going to run this experiment.  I just updated my OS moments ago.  Now I’m going to run KeepIt day in and day out until it finishes it’s sync (if the ever happens).  My iPhone has been trying to sync for five hours as of the time of this writing.  I’ll install “Amphetamine” on my mac to keep everything active, then run it day and night for as many days or weeks that it takes to sync.  If it has not synced properly after 15 days, I’ll write another report. 

KeepIt is a beautiful app with some great features.  But one of them is NOT its ability to sync.  If it can’t sync to the cloud in a few minutes, then it becomes a useless app for any kind of important work or business. 

I have double the number of notes in Bear, and it syncs in less than 30 seconds.  Even Yojimbo, which hasn’t had an update in over a year, syncs in seconds.  

So the clock starts on this one as of 21:30 hours September 15th.  Any bets on how long it will take this app to sync?

Status Update Log:

Day 2 – It is now 11:50 am.  My iPad took all night to sync.  It shows 1162 notes.  My iPhone finished some time during the night and shows 1007 notes! My mac, however, still shows ZERO % saved and has 1251 notes!  Mind you, it’s only  been 14 hours since I started the sync.  I’m sure it will sync some time.  How do I explain the nearly 200 note difference between the mac and the iPhone? This app is a collosal failure at syncing with the cloud.  It should drop any notion that it’s a cloud syncing app and just run natively on the Mac. That is all it’s good for.  No serious business could tolerate such horrible performance.  

Here is the 3:38 pm shot… Such progress in just 2 hours!

Two hours after the entry above.  I added a couple of notes.  Two hours later it is “checking” 515 of 1331.” What is is checking?  I have 1252 notes, so what does 1331 refer to? And why is it ‘checking?’  Why isn’t it just DOING!  The we have “Preparing to index!”  Just index already.  And at the bottom, it is “Saving library to iCloud.”  Shouldn’t it first finish everything else it’s supposed to do?  

It’s very luck I don’t need to depend on this app for business.  I’d be totally screwed.  For that, I will stay with Simple Note or Bear for the time being.  

Stay tuned for another report in 4 or 5 hours.  

Day 2 - 5 pm

Below is the 5 pm snapshot.  the system now sits at 1%, and had been at 1% for about 45 minutes. 

Also of interest, I note that my file count has increased from 1252 to 1332!  Where did those files come from? Does this mean I have to painstakingly go through all my docs again to find the ones that should be deleted?  My MAC is the mothership.  All files on the cloud should sync to my mac and NOT pull files off the iPhone or iPad to put back on my Mac!  This is completely nuts.  I cannot do business like this.

Day 3 - Noon

Okay, so it is day 3 at noon.  As you can see this lightening fast app is all of the way to 9%!  Yehaw!  At this rate, it will be about 37 days for a full sync to the cloud.  I should mention too that I have a service that uploads at 440 mb/sec.  Even if had a whopping 6 gb of files, it should be all over in less than 5 minutes!

September 26th, 2022 (Ten Days Later)

After ten days of 16 hours per day trying to make this app work, I have to admit defeat. There is nothing I can do to make this app work properly.  No one using this app could ever expect to use it for business, or even pleasure if you have a lot of notes.  Saving takes forever (literally) and the app crashed far too often.  Clearly the app was developed by some guy who’s handy with tech, but doesn’t fully understand the development environment.

I looked at many alternatives, and since I need the app to sync with the cloud, and I need to use both my iPhone and my iPad for business, the clearest winner of them all was Ulysses.    A close second was Bear, then SimpleNote.  Devonthink is too complicated and has features most people will never use.  Also, Devon is not good with iPad and iPhone.  

I’ve now deleted KeepIt from my systems and cancelled my subscriptions.


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